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Discover the Nuttrie Almond series: The Innovative Choice for a Healthy Diet!

Are you ready for a new, healthy eating experience? The Nuttrie Almond series is here to change the way you enjoy your diet.

Nuttrie Almond, a series of alternative cheese products, produced and packaged exclusively by Ηellenic Farms S.A.

Discover the Nuttrie Almond series today and enjoy a new era in your diet! Variety, health and sustainability, all in the Nuttrie Almond series!

The Benefits of Nuttrie Almond:

Healthy Choice

The almond is known for its high nutritional value. The Nuttrie Almond series offers vegetable protein and fiber and antioxidants that contribute to your healthy diet.
Vegan Product

It is 100% vegan, offering a change to a more sustainable and animal-friendly diet.
Multiple uses

It is easily incorporated into various recipes. Use it on pizzas, salads, sandwiches, wraps and many other dishes as a tasty addition.
Environmentally friendly

Nuttrie Almond production can help reduce your carbon footprint, helping our planet.