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Ηellenic Farms S.A. | Products of Plant Origin


The company HELLENIC FARMS S.A. realizing the consumer's need for plant-based products, created the excellent quality innovative product NUTTRIE OAT, based on whole-grain oats.

Due to the fact that oats have a high content of soluble fiber and especially beta glucan, it helps to reduce cholesterol, thereby providing even greater nutritional value with the consumption of the product.


NUTTRIE OAT is a vegan product of vegetable origin as well as the only product of its category, produced with pure virgin Cretan olive oil while at the same time containing 3% vegetable protein. See below the products of the series:
  The company Ηellenic Farms S.A., with the product NUTTRIE OAT
aims to meet modern nutritional needs by offering rich taste and high nutritional value.