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Ηellenic Farms S.A. | Products of Plant Origin


Following the path it has set so far in consumer choices regarding vegan products, Hellenic Farms innovates again by offering a new range of vegan products.

Based on the trends of the modern era and with absolute respect for the consumer, the plant/vegan MEAT OFF series is an ideal choice for those who wish to reduce meat consumption, but at the same time do not wish to sacrifice taste.


The MEAT OFF series is designed to be easily adaptable
on fully vegetarian nutritional programs.
  There is no need to give up the pleasure of a burger
when he chooses a vegan/vegetarian diet, he just has to choose to try the Meat Off products.
  Vegetarian / Vegan Meat Off burger in two unique flavors:
Classic Beef & Chicken
    100% vegan  
    without added soy  
    χωρίς ζωικής προέλευσης πρωτεΐνες & λιπαρά          
  Veggie burgers Meat Off
    100% Greek product  
    it is prepared & packaged in our facilities, with properly selected nutritional and quality raw materials  
    with a high protein content of 22g  
    16gr of fat / 110gr of product